What are Collegiate Partners?

Collegiate Partners® are colleges, universities and other accredited postsecondary institutions that demonstrate their commitment to the development of private sector student aid by supporting the mission of Scholarship America® and its Dollars for Scholars® program.

Collegiate Partner institutions make the following commitments relating to undergraduate students:

  • Dollars for Scholars chapter and other Scholarship America-related scholarships will be used to fill any unmet student need remaining after the institution's financial aid package has been calculated. Dollars for Scholars defers to the institution's formula for determining student need.
  • After the unmet student need has been eliminated,up to $2,500 of any remaining Dollars for Scholars and other Scholarship America-related scholarships will be used to reduce the self-help portion of a student's financial aid package. Dollars for Scholars prefers that loans be reduced before work-study grants.
  • If the self-help portion of a student's aid package is not large enough to completely offset a Dollars for Scholars award of up to $2,500, Dollars for Scholars recognizes the institution's right to make adjustments to its institutional grant to the extent that the Dollars for Scholars award exceeds total self-help.
  • Some Collegiate Partners have allowed for larger awards to further reduce student and family loan debt beyond the contractual limit of $2,500. The "Threshold Limit" for each school is listed at the end of the college description in bold black type. Dollars for Scholars encourages chapters to consider larger awards for students having unmet need and for students attending schools with higher "thresholds".
  • When need is fully met, treatment of the portion of Dollars for Scholars and Scholarship America-related scholarships exceeding $2,500 will be at the institution's discretion.
  • Collegiate Partners also provide additional support in many ways. For example, Collegiate Partners:
    • provide speakers for Dollars for Scholars chapter workshops
    • host Dollars for Scholars events on their campuses
    • support efforts and provide leadership to organize local Dollars for Scholars chapters.

List of Collegiate Partners

Click here for a list of current collegiate partners.